Birth Classes in Rapid City, SD

birth classes in Rapid City, SD

Birth Classes in Rapid City, SD

It’s a special treat to introduce you today to our founder, Mrs. Donna Ryan. An experienced natural childbirth educator, Donna started this company and has helped thousands of couples either directly or indirectly have more amazing and empowering birth experiences.

She teaches birth classes in Rapid City, SD!

Here is an instructor spotlight featuring one of our favorite people. Welcome Donna Ryan! And thanks for making all this possible!

Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your birth experiences.

My name is Donna Ryan, and I have been married to the love of my life since New Year’s Eve, 1994. We have four children with four very different birth experiences.

Very briefly, I was scared to death when I had my first baby and opted for the epidural almost at the first contraction. I experienced that cascade of intervention we discuss in class and was inches from a cesarean section.

I had an amazing unmedicated birth in a hospital with a Certified Nurse-Midwife with my second baby. Immediately after that birth, I exclaimed, “I can’t wait to do that again!”

With our 3rd baby, we discovered at 33 weeks we wouldn’t be allowed to videotape the birth. We scrambled and hired a homebirth midwife who specialized in water birth (it was 2001), so that’s what we did! I didn’t prepare for that homebirth like I had with my second, and it was pretty rough, to say the least.

Our fourth was also born at home, but was a land birth. It was Easter Sunday and was the sweetest experience. Our other three children were present, and everyone was in love with this little girl from her very first breath.

What first got you interested in birth work?

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I just did what I thought everyone does – hired an OB, picked up a copy of What to Expect, and planned for an epidural. I narrowly escaped a cesarean section with that birth, but overall I was pretty happy it.

Until I had a friend have a natural birth, that is.

She spoke of her birth so differently than how I *felt* about my birth, I knew I had missed out on something special.

I took a comprehensive class with our second baby, changed care providers, and experienced an amazing natural birth. For four years afterwards, I drove everyone crazy talking about natural birth, so finally decided to become a childbirth educator.

Best decision ever.

I’ve taught hundreds of couples since 2003 and it’s truly been a joy to be involved in people’s lives at such a sacred time.

Do you have any particular passions concerning birth?

I am especially passionate about eliminating fear in childbirth and replacing it with excitement – for both moms AND dads.

I understand the fear. I was there once.

Education is what made the difference.

Why did you choose Birth Boot Camp as your certifying organization?

I taught childbirth classes for many years before founding Birth Boot Camp. I knew how to help couples have a natural birth, but I pulled in a lot of extra resources that were not a part of other childbirth education curriculum in order to create Birth Boot Camp.

birth classes in Rapid City, SD

Donna Ryan, center, with some of her colleagues on the Birth Boot Camp management team.

I recruited an amazing group of birth professionals to assist in forming this curriculum and building this company. Since 2012, we have spread from coast to coast, helping couples work towards and achieve amazing birth experiences.

And our materials are the best in the industry, if you don’t mind me bragging!

Tell us a little about your Birth Boot Camp training experience.

I, along with Sarah Clark, have taught hundreds of women to become childbirth educators through Birth Boot Camp. Up until recently, most of our trainings have been in Dallas – Ft. Worth. We have our trainees do their coursework *before* training so that at training we can actually focus on *teaching* the curriculum.

It’s an intense 3+ days, but it is incredible. We have created a positive, supportive environment for our instructors to flourish and grow their own businesses in their communities.

Tell us about your classes, how they are going, and what you most love about teaching.

While I have been mostly focused on training instructors over the last couple of years, I desperately miss teaching expecting couples, and I’m ready to jump back in! Those “light bulb” moments are addictive and there are a lot that take place throughout the 10-week course. Seeing couples gain information, grow as a couple, and make informed decisions about their pregnancy and birth is truly rewarding.

Online classes are unique to Birth Boot Camp, and in some form or another, have always been a part of my teaching. The 10-week Birth Boot Camp class is all online and can be done anywhere streaming video is available. Your hosts are Yours Truly and Sarah Clark, done morning talk-show style and are very entertaining. I love getting emails from online students and still answering their questions as their childbirth educator. The internet is amazing!

How does your training help prepare childbirth educators for teaching?

We have designed the Birth Boot Camp training to benefit and prepare the instructor. In order to teach Birth Boot Camp, Instructors have to have had a natural birth. Experience often is the best teacher. (There are many reasons for this and we’ve written blog posts about it.) We also require our instructors to attend at least two births besides their own. This prepares teachers in a completely different way.

birth classes in Rapid City, SD

Another incredible group of Birth Boot Camp instructors!

Reading and keeping up with research is important for any childbirth educator. Our instructors are also great resources for the community, keeping track of care providers who support and encourage natural birth. We are constantly coming up with interesting ways to teach information to convey it to various types of learning styles.

What are couples saying about Donna’s birth classes?

“My husband and I were so thankful for the valuable knowledge we gained during our classes with Donna. We took her 10 week Birth Boot Camp classes and a refresh class when we had our second son.

The classes helped my husband and I discuss topics we hadn’t yet thought about and we grew closer over the course. By using the classes, workbook, and relaxation techniques, we discovered what helped me relax and how my husband could best assist. The nutrition guide was a great template for me and helped me ensure I was giving my body the fuel it needed.

The conversations and friendships we made during our class were invaluable. I am so thankful that I we prepared for our birth by taking Birth Boot Camp courses. Thank you Donna for the tools, empowerment, and support.”

Love, The Castros

“I took a birth boot camp class with Donna when I was pregnant with my third baby. We were planning for our first natural birth. I learned so much about birth I didn’t know even after two babies. I gained the confidence to trust my body!

My husband was confident in our decision also and able to be so supportive when others weren’t. Our third baby was born at home and so was our fourth. Donna is encouraging and knowledgeable! She’s never pushy but gave us space to work out what we needed to.

We changed providers because we noticed some red flags. While we were able to talk our concerns through with Donna, she remained neutral. I can’t recommend her class enough.”

Ashleigh V.

“It was your classes that completely overturned my knowledge and experience in childbirth. Unlearning the only way I knew how to birth, which was ignorantly, only trusting my doctor and not trusting the way my body was created to birth. I had been letting the doctors manipulate my body to birth the way they wanted it to. Once I got that switched around I birthed when my body dictated to. I had safer and more gentle births, I ENJOYED birth after your classes.”

Andrea S.

“It was life changing!”

Mike R.

“Because of you and Birth Boot Camp I went on to have three wonderful birth experiences, had midwifery care in which I felt completely cared for and loved, my husband felt confident and prepared for in our unplanned, unassisted home birth (he was absolutely against homebirth). But more importantly it led me to my career teaching Birth Boot Camp and becoming a doula. My career has been something I have loved every minute of and has given me so much life. I love what I do and it’s been an amazing blessing for me.”

Andrea B.

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