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Welcome to Birth Boot Camp childbirth education. From the moment you find out you’re expecting… till you’ve had your very last baby, we’ve got you covered! We started off training couples in natural birth, and now we offer so much more. Keep reading to learn about our variety of classes, from early pregnancy, to birth classes for your children, we love educating families in pregnancy and birth!

Here is some of what we offer:

Comprehensive 10 Week Online Childbirth Classes

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We provide online childbirth classes for couples seeking childbirth education within the comfort of their own home. 10 online childbirth education sessions are hosted by Donna Ryan and Sarah Clark, longtime childbirth educators and who have, themselves, had natural births.

These morning-talk-show-style classes are fun and interactive and include relaxation downloads, comfort technique videos, interviews with care providers, experts and couples like you. They also include a pregnancy exercise program developed by physical fitness expert, Katie Dudley.

Each class comes with an 170-page workbook mailed to you upon payment, chock full of information for your own self-study. With over 20 hours of instructional video and birth videos, you will be prepared for your own natural birth, even if scheduling prevents you from taking a live class. Take an online birth class! You can learn more our online natural birth classes here.

10 Week In-person Childbirth Classes

We have incredible trained instructors across the United States and world! They are all women who have had natural births themselves and whose passion has been translated into childbirth education. They teach the 10-week curriculum in homes, birth centers and offices where couples can attend together and benefit not just from the knowledge of their childbirth instructor, but from the camaraderie of their fellow students.

Not only do our childbirth educators teach the full 10 week course, they also offer our Early Pregnancy Class, the Sibling Birth Class, and the Reboot Refresher.

During live childbirth classes you will have all the benefits of the same materials that the online portion brings, with the additional benefit of your instructor and your classmates. Click here to find a childbirth instructor in your area!

Birth Boot Camp Early Pregnancy Class

Early Pregnancy Class-

We love to see couples excited and preparing early for an amazing pregnancy! That is why we created the Birth Boot Camp Early Pregnancy Class.  This class focuses on physical preparation through optimal nutrition and pregnancy focused strengthening exercises, as well as mental and emotional prep.

We know that an amazing birth beings with an amazing pregnancy and this class helps you make that happen!

The Early Pregnancy Class is available in two ways:

You can find a childbirth educator in your area to take the class with. Our incredible instructors are excellent resources in their community and dedicated to you.

You can also purchase the Early Pregnancy Workbook and study with your partner from the comfort of your own home. This is a fabulous option for those without an instructor in their area.

The Birth Boot Camp Reboot Refresher

This class is designed for the experienced couple who has previously had a natural birth and is looking to prepare for ANOTHER amazing birth.

The Reboot Refresher is only available with our in-person childbirth educators in your community. They personalize this class just for you, focusing on your needs, fears, hopes, and questions. This allows them to cater to what you most need.

The Reboot Refresher is a great option for those couples who have already had a natural birth and don’t have the time to commit to another 10 week course.

Siblings at Birth Class and Workbook!

The Sibling Birth Class

Having your second (or third or fourth…) baby and want to prepare your older children?

The Birth Boot Camp Sibling Birth Class is perfect! This class uses fun, interactive, and age appropriate information to help prepare your child for the birth of their newest recruit.

The Sibling Birth Class is particularly important if you have invited your older children to the birth, but even if you think they will be around for part of the labor, or they are asking lots of questions about where the baby comes from, the Sibling Birth Class is a great fit.

The Sibling Birth Class is available in two ways:

You and your children may attend a live class with a Birth Boot Camp instructor in your area. Our professional educators are so excited to teach birth basics to your child! This class includes birth video/s and the Birth Boot Camp Sibling Workbook.

You can purchase the Sibling Birth Class workbook from our store and teach your child in the comfort of your own home. The workbook is amazing and includes a coloring page, a place for them to write the birth story, wonderful pictures, information, and more.

Whatever you are looking for in childbirth education- from your pregnancy to your birth to your children, we have it! Birth Boot Camp is the premier and most complete option for all your childbirth education needs.

Maybe you aren’t looking for childbirth education but you would like to BECOME a childbirth educator?! We would love to have you-

Become an Instructor


Have you already had your own amazing birth and feeling ready to share your knowledge and joy with the world! We would love to have you join us as we spread the happy message of natural childbirth. Childbirth instructor training is three-and-a-half days full of information, learning, techniques, and of course, building friendships and networking. This work feels like play!

You will finish your reading and Study Guide before your training workshop. You’ll arrive knowledgeable and ready to hit the ground running. We even include marketing training so that you can professionally and confidently share your classes in your own community. The ongoing support from the Birth Boot Camp Management Team and Advisory Board, along with other instructors, is invaluable as you grow your business and become an amazing childbirth educator. Join us today!

Click here for more information regarding our childbirth educator training.

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