Carmen Calvo

Carmen Calvo

Baltimore, Maryland About Me
I became interested in natural childbirth during my first pregnancy in 2010. My planned homebirth was derailed by the onset of pre-eclampsia at 37 weeks, resulting in a very difficult hospital induction that narrowly avoided a cesarean delivery. 14 months later, I was able to experience a triumphant and empowered homebirth and delivered a 10lb baby boy. After having a challenging postpartum experience with my first son, I chose placenta encapsulation as a means to avoid postpartum mood issues after my second birth. I was so astounded at the difference placenta encapsulation made in my postpartum recovery, I felt called to help other moms in my community experience a balanced postpartum period without the blues, anxiety, or depression. I started The Nurturing Root, serving postpartum moms in 2011. Adding childbirth education classes to my business was a natural next step and Birth Boot Camp was the perfect fit. I am so excited to be able to educate couples through childbirth classes in Baltimore, Maryland, so that they can have the birth they have been dreaming of.

Beginning in 2017, I am proud to be bringing the Birth Boot Camp instructor training to Baltimore. If you are interested in helping couples prepare for an amazing birth, consider joining the Birth Boot Camp instructor community!
My Class Schedule
Comfort Measures Workshop on December 4 from 7-9pm
Comfort Measures: January 29 7-9pm
Out-of-Hospital: February 6- 27 7-9pm
Full Series: March 13- May 15 7-9pm

2018 Birth Boot Camp Instructor Training in Baltimore:
February 22-25
August 9-12
November 8-11
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