Donna Ryan

Donna Ryan

Rapid City, South Dakota About Me
Since 2003, I have helped hundreds of couples have amazing births through childbirth education. Personally, I have birthed 4 children with 3 different types of care providers and birth settings. One epidural birth, and 3 unmedicated births, with a water birth thrown in for good measure! I believe natural birth can happen anywhere as long as both partners are prepared.

I founded Birth Boot Camp in 2012 in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, but life has brought us to the Black Hills and we love it! While I still travel to Texas every few months for work, I am so happy to call this small-town life "home." Did I mention how happy I am that skiing is just 45 minutes away?
My Class Schedule
My next class begins in July 27, 2017 (registration closes Aug 24 since you can make up the first 4 classes online) in Rapid City and runs through October 5 (taking the week of Sept 11 off) -- perfect for babies due October and November. The class is $300 (plus tax) and includes your workbook. Class is held at The OWN "Commons" area, above Murphy's Pub.

I have several other classes this Fall, so visit for all the dates, registration, payment info and details on the classes.

* If you are in the Black Hills area (or just passing through) and are interested in becoming a Birth Boot Camp Instructor or Birth Boot Camp DOULA, let's get together!
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