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Emily Freeman

Jackson, Tennessee About Me
I'm so thrilled to see you here! I offer natural childbirth classes in Jackson, Tennessee, and the surrounding West Tennessee area.

So you're pregnant. Now what? I'm excited to meet you and share my love for natural birth with you. I want others to have the kind of AMAZING birth I've had.

My husband and I have three children now, with a tiny fourth on the way. Our oldest child is adopted, and our second two were born peacefully and without any interventions, after taking the Birth Boot Camp classes online. I am so excited to be able to offer this class live now that I've seen the benefit and excitement it offers. It demystifies so much of natural birth and allows women and their birthing partners so many options--- you may be surprised at what all you didn't know! (I certainly was!)

Whether you are a first time mama who has lots of questions or a mama who has had a previous intervention-filled birth but wants a different experience, I can help you. Whether you want to birth at home or a hospital, I can help! Our curriculum is comprehensive, in that it covers the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum (including extensive education on breastfeeding!) periods and will help you face your birth with knowledge and excitement. Yes-- you'll be EXCITED about labor and birth!

My Class Schedule
10 Week Fall Series:
-Beginning Friday, September 2 from 6:30pm-9:00pm in my home (Jackson, TN)
**Come share Date Night here with other expecting couples!**

(Check back soon or ask me about the schedule for my winter class!)

Reboot Refresher Class:
-Speak with me about setting up a private class where we can review nutrition, exercise, mobility, and comfort measures to prepare for your next natural birth! I'm happy to meet with you in my home or at your location.

Siblings at Birth Class:
-Speak with me about setting up a class for your children to learn about birth and be prepared to observe (and assist!) your next natural birth! Children aged 3 or 4 years and up are best suited to this class.

Early Pregnancy Class:
-Are you in your first trimester? Would you like some information about navigating this special time in your life? We'll discuss nutrition, exercise, baby development, and plenty more in this class. Ask me about setting up a time to meet with you for this special class.

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