Marisa Haar

Marisa Haar

North Metro Atlanta, Georgia About Me
I am so excited to help parents achieve the birth they want and feel the way to do that is through natural childbirth education classes with Birth Boot Camp. I have a strong passion for natural childbirth, breastfeeding, baby-wearing and homeschooling. After a less than desirable 27-hour hospital birth with my first child, I realize how important preparation is to the birthing process. Thinking that I was prepared, I arrived at the hospital too early, eventually gave into the interventions and was stuck in the bed. Two epidurals later, I gave birth with forceps assistance. This led me to more education and the decision to have a homebirth with my following children. My second and third births were 6 hours and amazing! My fourth as filled with prodromal labor but a very fast labor. With vastly differing experiences my births, I feel I have a unique take on birth and how education can really empower a couple to have an AMAZING birth!

Also a birth photographer!
My Class Schedule
Next two Birth Boot Camp 10 Week Series starting 12/5/16 and 2/7/17.
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