Samantha Flowers

Samantha Flowers

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma About Me
I first became interested in childbirth while in nursing school at the University of Oklahoma. Upon graduating I was very blessed to receive a career at OU Medical Center- The Children’s Hospital. Through my schooling and career as a registered nurse I gained invaluable resources, contacts, and information. I later obtained my doula training from DONA in October of 2011 and started my very own doula service. Throughout my doula career, I realized that my true calling in birth work is education.My passion for childbirth stems from the belief that birth is a natural event that needs to be experienced and respected. My desire is that we look back to the basics of childbirth and infuse women with knowledge in order to improve their birthing experience and outcomes. My goal is to give to evidenced based knowledge to families, and empower them to experience birth the way they were meant too. I believe that simply by educating families you are equiping them with the tools needed improve their birthing experience not only for them but, also for their baby.
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