Lawsuit Official Statement

Lawsuit Official Statement

View the LAWSUIT against BEST Doula Training HERE



At Birth Boot Camp®, we love to share with the world the positive experience that childbirth education and having a doula can make. For the past year, we have chosen to stay positive and not respond to negative social media comments aimed at damaging the company. We have also tried to look the other way as our competitors,
BEST Doula Training
,  have misappropriated our Award-winning curriculum, accessed our proprietary information, and traded on our brand goodwill.

Regrettably, though, our competitors’ conduct has not stopped. Thus, after much deliberation, we have chosen to file a lawsuit to enforce
Birth Boot Camp’s® rights. On the advice of counsel, we cannot comment further on this ongoing litigation other than to say we look forward to a just resolution of the matter and continuing our mission of making Birth Boot Camp® the leading resource for families seeking an amazing birth experience.

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