Well Prepared Partner

Today we wanted to share a thought with you from one of our online students. It shows how very important a well prepared partner is to the laboring woman. That is why we are so passionate about training him and teaching him right along side his birth partner. You just can’t neglect the birthing woman’s biggest helper!

We also just love how supported this mother felt during her birth. A woman who chooses a great birth team won’t regret it. They can make all the difference in your birth experience.

But the best part- education. Knowing what will happen in labor removes fear and increases enjoyment of labor. More women should be able to talk about their birth like this mom did!

Congratulations Rachael! We are so happy for you!

“I had a beautiful home water birth assisted by my amazing midwife and two doulas and warrior husband. Looking back at the birth pictures, I can see that my husband was working as hard as I was…deep breathing and moaning right along with me. Birth Boot Camp taught him how to do all this, how to be calm, and what to expect during labor. I overheard my mom say to my midwife, “Wow, she makes labor look easy.” My birth team also told us this was one of the most beautiful births they had ever been a part of.
Thank you to Birth Boot Camp for the fantastic preparation.”  
~ Rachael M.

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